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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

LM Blacktop GT

A Local Motors contest entry. I dont think I am going to win this round but next round I will try harder.


Ari said...

I really like this design. Great work on communicating with your peers - I liked that you worked on the idea of a longer version. Personally, I think you were right the first time ;)

Andrey Gusev said...

Nice sketches!
You should concentrate on more clear image expression. Find logic in each line you draw.
Good luck!

Damiano Garro said...

This really reminds me of the recent BMW Millemiglia Concept. Nice job.

Have you ever tried to cover a more present-day theme/approach?
Looking at your works the futuristic theme is your daily bread.
Wondering what you could do designing something for 2010 rather than 2020.