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Thursday, August 28, 2008

My first post

Thanks for checking out my blog. Im new to this blogging thing. Ive always been on my space but I think that this is much more professional than a myspace page.

I am Danny Chhang and I live in Dallas Texas. I am currently a graphic designer and head of marketing at a distributing company. All of the drawings I am going to be posting here are for my car design portfolio. It has always been a dream of mine to goto school and learn how to be a car designer. I will update this blog as much as possible to keep you guys updated. Thanks for stopping by, heres the first of many designs to come.

Concept Khlip: Inspired by a paper clip I was playing with at work. I was just twisting the paper clip into all sorts of shapes and then that was when it hit me. I am still sketching out all of the details for this car (ie: Wheels, Steering wheel, Gauges, frame and suspension).

Concept Khlip Close Up by ~Dannychhang on deviantART

Concept Khlip Front by ~Dannychhang on deviantART

2015 Concept Khlip Top View by ~Dannychhang on deviantART

Concept Khlip Rear by ~Dannychhang on deviantART

Not now.. later

hmm blogging.. ill post something cool tonigt =D.